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On this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating, Brad and Josh take you down the rabbit hole of gaming news in a jumbo-ultra-mega-sized edition of Constantly Calibrating. In actuality it's only an additional 30 minutes, but how often does one get to use jumbo-ultra-mega-sized in polite conversation?

This week we discuss the 2DS, Wii U Price Drop, the concept of subscription models, and Xbox One news. Also, there is super excitement about Dragon Age Keep, as it answers a question Josh had asked early in the summer. Finally, there are tales a plenty as Josh regales Brad (and you) with experiences at the GameStop EXPO last week. Find out his thoughts on the Xbox One, PS4, and more in this week's episode!

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It's contest time for ConCal, which means you should head over to Geek News Network ( to find out how to enter!

On this week's episode Brad and I discussed our thought's on Deadpool's first starring role in a video game, before transitioning along a journey leading through Grand Theft Auto V, the Steam Summer Sale, WoW getting a cash shop, and our thoughts on why Internet cafes never caught on in the US.

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The time has come, one month later for us to finally do our long hyped The Last of Us spoilercast. Now to explain a spoilercast, for anyone that missed the BioShock Infinite one from a few months back, essentially we talk about the game and don't pull any punches. (Let's be fair, you know what a spoilercast is.)

What were our thoughts on the gameplay of The Last of Us? Did the mechanics make sense with the story? How about that ending? Which characters were the most impactful?

These and possibly more questions will be addressed on this week's ConCal!

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Constantly Calibrating is here with our E3 2013 round-up episode. Joining us for this episode is Nichole Nance (@IttyBittyGeek).

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It's time for this week's Constantly Calibrating episode, "Calibrating Xbox Reveal". The runner-up for episode name is of course "Calibrating MocapDog".

The Xbox One was announced today and with it came a lot of press over what Microsoft did, or in this case did not, do right with the system's debut. Some may argue a lack of actual gaming hurt the launch. Others might praise the concept of their new "snap point" system. There's also our own questions of what's the deal with compatibility with Xbox Live Arcade games, or the crummy hard drive space.

There's also the question about why Microsoft hasn't paid us for the brilliant achievement points vs. challenge points vs. title system that needs to be implemented.

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Welcome to Episode 48 of Constantly Calibrating, wherein I am not home to make sure this is posting correctly.


On this week's episode we conclude or two-part, but not quite two-part focus episode on BioShock Infinite, which happens to begin with a different topic each time. Confusing, I know. What's even more confusing is how poorly my song choice for this week transitions into the episode. Oh well, I'm rushing to get ready for a trip and not thinking all too clearly.

This week is all about Star Wars: The Old Republic and BioShock Infinite. For one, we discuss returning and whether we like what we've found; the other we look deep into our spoilery crystal balls to see what we think of what is arguably the best game of this new year. (Not up for arguement however is the winner of "Best Character of the Year".)

That's this week of Constantly Calibrating, so we hope you enjoy!

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Episode 37 of Constantly Calibrating is our super special bonus episode of sleep-deprivation, I mean awesomeness! The Playstation 4 debuted today at Sony's Press Conference. Find out all the details and our thoughts on the first "true" next-gen to be announced.

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You've seen the nominations, now hear us discuss the winners of our first ever End of the Year Gaming Awards Show. This whole project was a partnership between us and the fine folks at Geek News Network and East Valley Gaming, which is why it saddens us that due to technical difficulties we were unable to carry on a stable connection via Skype. As such the podcast will consist of myself, Steven, and Brad for an entire two hours! (Note: Two hours is a hell of a podcast to edit, so I hope you all like it. This is seriously my favorite one we have ever done.)

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Now that that outburst is out of the way...mostly.

Today we bring you a podcast that I had been waiting to record for quite some time, but wasn't sure if we would be able to work it out. On the show we have Anthony Burch (Lead Writer of Borderlands 2) and Ashly Burch (Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2) and it was awesome! The Burch's, as we tend to call them around our house, are old friend's of ours and to catch up and suck up to them was oh so fun.

With that, put your Borderlands 2 down*, sit down, and have a listen.

*Note: You really don't need to put Borderlands 2 down; your obsession is perfectly healthy and understandable. Just throw the podcast on while you're playing. You'll find it adds to the ambiance in ways you would never expect.

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We're still here 6 months, and 20 episodes later. On today's podcast we discuss the recent announcements concerning the Wii U; the upcoming release of Borderlands 2; an upcoming episode in progress; FTL; and much more!

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