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This week, the gang gets infected and talks Dying Light; A bright, zombie infested start to a new year of games. Discussion also turns to the repeated offenses of Peter Molyneux, and if he has over-promised one time too many.

Join us for another week of Constantly Calibrating!

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This week, the gang covers the news coming out of Sony and Marvel concerning the Spider-Man Franchise.


Who is Spider-Man? Are you for Peter or Miles? Should comics/films be “forced” to bend to changes in culture?


J.K. Simmons induced diatribe aside, we go into our thoughts on the mutually beneficial merger of the two companies interests, and we even get into a discussion on how established comics characters should be handled?


Plus, bonus hatred-fueled rant about 50 Shades of Grey for your listening pleasure.

Give us a listen and tell us what you think!

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This week we delve into the acquisition and renaming of DayBreak Game Company, formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment. We talk titles and game styles, and remember Star Wars Galaxies fondly. We also memorialize Monty Oum in our own way, and pay homage to our friend and inspiration

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