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Two years ago at PAX East 2015 Justin was wandering the slightly less frigid wasteland of the Boston Convention Center, in search of game developers to talk to. He was not of the media pass holder type of attendee for this event, so easy conversations and networking were beyond his hopes. Then, from across the expo hall he spotted a booth. It was a booth not unlike the others, but what he saw was a knight...and a shovel. 

He ventured closer, daring to see if these fine people had a game of interest to show him. What he spotted was a retro-styled platformer he has long been curious about. But what was this, did his eyes deceive him? Surely that was not the classic Battletoads hanging out with this Shovel Knight? Surely that wasn't Kratos, the God of War, chilling out with the blue armored titan of men?

It was at this point that Justin spotted one Sean Velasco, setting up an interview with the gentleman of Yacht Club Games. One thing led to another, and Constantly Calibrating got on their media list and even received review codes for Shovel Knight. That started Josh's journey towards booking Yacht Club Games for a podcast appearance.

An attempt was made, but they were finishing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 releases of Shovel Knight.

Another attempt was made, but they were busy developing Plague of Shadows.

Finally, at the start of 2017 a third attempt was made, despite the team working towards the release of Specter of Torment. Which is why we're here!

So join Josh & Justin as they chat with Sean Velasco and Woz of Yacht Club Games about the past, present, and future of Shovel Knight. Perhaps even some discussions about what they may do outside of our favored knight.

As always, comments and feedback makes us gassy is appreciated.

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This week's podcast is one that Josh has been dreaming of for months: he gets to learn about being PR for the gaming industry! That's right, on this week's episode we finally have a guest from the public relations & marketing side of gaming, as we're joined by Evolve PR's very own Bryden Keks. 

Bryden, having started his career as a content creator, has worked for the last year and a half at Evolve PR, one of Constantly Calibrating's main PR pals. Having helped pull off the company's first Extra Life stream (adding up to over 60 hours of content) Bryden decided to celebrate by joining the Constantly Calibrating Podcast crew. (No, we aren't entirely sure why this happened either.)

So join us for a fun filled festival of fascinating and frivolous conversation!

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Long ago, when Josh was just a lad of 16 or so, he dreamed that one day he would get to talk to the game developers he had long (since like a week earlier) admired. Last month the first opportunity arose when Chris Avellone stumbled onto our podcast set, ready to chat.

Now, at the start of February, the second of this set has found his way onto our shores. I'm of course speaking of the illusive David Jaffe.

On this week's show, Brad, Justin, and Josh had a lovely chat with David Jaffe about his upcoming project, Drawn to Death, while delving a bit into transparency in gaming. David may have also humiliated Josh in spectacular fashion.

After the interview, Josh regaled the team with a story of Justin's doppleganger, before going into a spoiler-free review of Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team -- you can find a written review of Lazer Team here.

Make sure you give this wonderful episode a listen and tell your friends.

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This week, the guys had the pleasure of talking with Chris Avellone!

In a whirlwind of fangirling, fervently spoken “F*** You’s”, and in depth looks  into the process of producing larger RPGs titles, we had a fantastic time.

One of the larger items that kept coming back in all the discussion, is that sometimes the simplest way to approach a problem is to write it out by hand. That and having someone outside of yourself and your vision to look at your work.

There were a lot of great nuggets in this week's episode, and we hope enjoy this as much as we did on this episode of Constantly Calibrating!

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This week our triumphant quartet return to unleash many a podcast upon your dainty ears. 

On this episode Josh & Justin sat down to chat with Ray Narvaez Jr., formerly of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. They chatted with Ray about his decision to leave Rooster Teeth and what the future holds for him.

Prior to that, in the first 30 minutes of the show, our team talked Star Wars Celebration, including The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Rebels, Battlefront, and much more. There's also a little bit of discussion about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice's first trailer, if you're looking for some Batman sandwiched between your Star Wars and Ray.

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This week on Constantly Calibrating Justin and I had the immense pleasure of chatting with Lindsay Jones (Ruby Rose), Barbara Dunkelman (Yang Xiao Long), and Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna) of RWBY & general Rooster Teeth fame. Join us for an interview where we talk RWBY, X-Ray & Vav, RTX 2015, and their superheroic (or villanous) alter-egos.


In addition, in news we announce a new contest running through this weekend, talk Marvel blowing their load, Mario Kart, and much more!

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This week we had the distinct pleasure of featuring Kerry Shawcross & Miles Luna of Rooster Teeth on the show. In addition, today also coincides with the one-year anniversary of the last time I interviewed them both together; I swear this is 100% a coincidence.

During the interview we discuss Red vs Blue season 12, the on-going volume 2 of RWBY, listen to an angry Jaune Arc voiceover, and discuss balls. Essentially a standard interview experience with Kerry & Miles.

Prior to the interview we look into more space travel news, plus we promote the Kickstarter for Women vs Cosplay!


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