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This week our triumphant quartet return to unleash many a podcast upon your dainty ears. 

On this episode Josh & Justin sat down to chat with Ray Narvaez Jr., formerly of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter. They chatted with Ray about his decision to leave Rooster Teeth and what the future holds for him.

Prior to that, in the first 30 minutes of the show, our team talked Star Wars Celebration, including The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Rebels, Battlefront, and much more. There's also a little bit of discussion about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice's first trailer, if you're looking for some Batman sandwiched between your Star Wars and Ray.

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This week the gang is back together, and they are out for revenge!

Not really, but they are out to find out what parenting styles work for them in the eventuality that they all have spawn at one point or another. Along the way they generate more ideas for the reboot of Guitar Hero, ruminate on Grand Theft Auto V on the PC, and OH GOD WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH GORO’S ARMS?!?

Find out on this week’s podcast!

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This week, the gang goes over the media they just don't care for and if they could care less for, they would. They also took a look at some of the best April Fools pranks from the past week, as well as 4k for the web.

Plus, Josh let's loose with a deep, dark secret that's been haunting him the last month.


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