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After many years and countless eons of discussion, finally the time hath come for us to have Lauren Walsh, druid artist from the stars, on the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. Our team has known Lauren for arguably longer than there has been a podcast, but the timing of appearances was just never right. We also forgot to actually ask her at any point, which may have been a major deciding factor. But never fear, for Lauren Walsh made her triumphant appearance from within her glorious, and oddly witch-like studio. 

So, with that in mind, allow us to entertain you with tales of her friendship with Brad & Ryan, stories of getting into the World of Warcraft, a journey into discovering that art school is crap and learning to art is best done on your own, and some flowing thoughts on the fact that you should frelling pay artists for their frelling work!!

That being said, it's a good show. It's a lovely show. It's a show you an take home to your parents when you're ready to settle down. We'll be here, waiting for you.


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With Justin still sidelined from the podcast, the team was in search of someone to help out on the show. Then, as if the Internet just knew, Cutwright was deposited before them. The man of legend and recent Twitch Affiliate messaged Josh one night with a proposal, a simple proposal: "Hey, when am I coming on the podcast again?"

This is that podcast, and this is that episode.An episode wherein the team mostly just carried over leftover topics from the week before. 

Of course, this worked to everyone's benefit, as what better person to discuss being a Twitch Affiliate with, than a person who recently achieved that status. Furthermore, there's nothing like discussing the therapeutic nature of Dungeons & Dragons -- and similar RPG-styled games -- than with someone who apparently secretly studied psychology once upon a time.

All of this, plus some shameless and shameful self-promotion on what critics are calling "the best episode of Constantly Calibrating this season."*

Join us, you'll like it.



*This its technically true, as Josh & Ryan are both critics and Brad is very critical.

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We've all had those embarrassing gaming moments. You're playing a game for hours on end, and suddenly you do something really stupid, then boom, embarrassment. Or maybe, just maybe something out of the ordinary happens without your input. Perhaps you inexplicably pop an erection while playing Rampage World Tour on the N64 when you're 12 years old. Hey, we've all be there, and it's nothing to be ashamed about; you were young and your body was confused due to hormones.

There's nothing to be ashamed about, which is why we've gathered you all here for our embarrassing gaming moments show. Perhaps this is the first time we're doing this, or perhaps we're 224 episodes in and have lost grip on reality. Whatever the case may be, we're here to commiserate with you on the moments of embarrassment we all face in gaming.

So, join us for a fun-filled episode; one with minimal toddler interruptions. Don't worry, it's not all embarrassing, as members of our team look at the new Nintendo 2DS XL and try to figure out why it exists. There's also plenty of other disparate and random topics, plus a wee bit of betting on the side.

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On Constantly Calibrating we abide by a simple rule: keep the show going, no matter what. So, when Josh's toddler decides to go nuclear on his diaper 30 seconds after the stream goes live, we keep going. When said child wanders into the room with thoughts on the current political climate, we keep going. When secret businesses are uncovered related to our guests, we...well you see how this works. So, don't be surprised if in this Star Wars fueled episode it takes a fair bit to get to that wonderful war of the stars. It takes a bit to get to The Last Jedi, but when we do...we derail and move onto other Star Wars topics.

Don't forget to check out the fan film we review towards the end, Star Wars: The Force and the Fury, as it's a delightful romp through a section of the Star Wars universe.

And don't go looking in that never before discussed Constantly Calibrating rulebook for that never discussed simple rule. Such things are not for the likes of you!





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With April drawing to a middle, we have reached the end of this month's not-so-series of interviews. Last week we brought you the fun-filled look at Yacht Club Games, and the making of Shovel Knight. On this week's edition, we're bringing you a look at the world of VR and a brief gander at Australian game development, as we're talking to Justine Colla. Our topics for the night included what got her into gaming, the growth and progress of VR, and whether that platform is niche or here to stay.

Justine, formerly of Atla VR and now at Suprise Attack Games, isn't just a game developer and marketer; no sir! If you've checked out her Twitter page recently, you would know she is totally secretly a huuuuuuge wrestling mark. (We mean that from a place of love, as half of our podcast team identifies with that lifestyle as well.) She's not just into wrestling and WWE content, but is also an accomplished wrestling fan artist with a following knowing her as the "cruiserweight mom".

While this episode started off a little slowly -- Skype had large delays with the Arizona to Australia connection -- it shaped up to be one of our favorite chats so far in 2017. Give it a watch, give it a listen, and then make sure to swing by our iTunes page and drop off a review. We'll love you forever if you did.

You can find more out about Justine Colla on her website or Twitter, and can support her wrestling fan art habits on her storefront or her super awesome Patreon. Tell her we sent you, because we want her to come back again for more chats.


Seriously, Josh had a dream Monday night where she helped relaunch ConCal Armbar! with him and Ryan. It was a really great dream from what we've heard.

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How does one summarize 5 years of running a podcast? No, seriously, tell me how, because I've been sitting in front of this keyboard for a month trying to write something profound about the experience; something that most likely only 10 people will read at any point in time. Instead, words have betrayed me, as I'm utterly speechless about the amount of time that has gone by. Well, not utterly speechless since I'm still capable of rambling like this. I could simply ignore the anniversary and focus on our Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild first impressions, or elucidate on something learned from the Nintendo Switch, but that wouldn't do our anniversary the justice it deserves.

Frankly, what would truly do it justice is if you all gave it a listen and joined us as we both celebrated and ignored this pivotal milestone for Constantly Calibrating. You see what I did there? You see that Jewish mother level of guilt-tripping? Good, because despite some technical issues on both of Ryan & Thaddeus' audio tracks, this episode was still one of my favorite experiences in the last 5 years. I sat down with my friends and discussed video games, movies, and my own history, and then I got to be center of attention for the show and extol their virtues and sing their praises. It was a win/win scenario of epic proportions, and one I wouldn't have been able to do without you all listening and watching and putting up with our nonsense for 5 years.

5 years! On March 10th, 2012 we released the very first episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast, one where we simply talked about Mass Effect 3. Now we're 11 days away from the start of a new journey in the saga, so the show begins with the end of our longest-running joke. Brad has finally beaten Mass Effect 3.

Our long nightmare is over.

So please join us to celebrate and let us know what you hope to see from us in 2017 and beyond.

Thank you,

P.S. Justin & I licked the Breath of the Wild cartridge. Enjoy our suffering, as I'm pretty sure I'm allergic.

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Journey with us to a land of misbegotten thoughts, as our team is joined by special guest Cutwright for a romp in the "Git Gud" or "Why can't I say alive" genre of gaming. Our panel of exhausted and sometimes humiliated hosts explore this genre from humble beginnings as Demon Souls, all the way up to recent release NiOH, and beyond to find out why people keep playing them. Co-host Josh also tries to read fan/audience submissions at the most inopportune of times.

Before getting to the meat of the show, the team settle in as Josh drops a review for Mitch Rapp: Off Book, releasing March 6th. Let's also not forget the exploration of the Nintendo Switch UI leak, what in the world is up with the box sizes for the system, and an exploration of a recent Mass Effect Andromeda game series video.

That and more, possibly less, possibly and accurate representation on this week's episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast.

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The crew once again is reduced to two, as illness runs rampant in the Constantly Calibrating virtual office. This of course means that for possibly the first time ever, Josh and Justin have the show to themselves! Watch and listen as our two-man team dishes out their thoughts on the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta, offers thoughts on Resident Evil 7 (possibly the second time), and generally derail each other for just under an hour.

This is a podcast that there is at least a 42% chance that you won't want to miss!

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We take a moment to go over those regrettable moments, like the ones your mom shares to your new girlfriend but with games. Also, Han Solo Cup and "Clara, I need to stick these ... way up in there."

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This episode touches on the name of the new Star Wars flick and contains the ConCal crew gushing about which titles of 2017 have them quivering with antici...........pation.

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