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Sorry, excitement got the better of me today. Seriously, listen to this episode immediately to hear an outstanding conversation between Josh, Brad, Justin, and guest Aris Juson. We talk about Aris' work in social media and acting, as well as discuss what it takes to grow a fanbase online. There's discussions of life, loves, and plenty of things Destiny.

Of course we start things off with some news, featuring talks of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, a follow-up to Sleeping Dogs, Blizzard cancelling Titan, Final Fantasy XV, and Deadpool getting a film.

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This week we head into part 2 of our 3(?)-part look at the important films that helped shape us into the people we are today. Joining us in place of Brian this week is Ryan Firster who shares with us many things that readily flow forth from him.

In addition we address the Microsoft buyout of Minecraft developer Mojang and the latest Star Wars rumors.

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Over the last 25+ years, The Simpsons has formed a cultural identity nearly incapable of being rivaled. Regardless of which era you love the most (seasons 2 through 12 in my case), The Simpsons is wrapped tightly into our collective psyche. That's why on this episode of Constantly Calibrating we decided to delve into our favorite video games, episode, and even characters from the long-running series.

Before that you'll of course find some news on our recent Microsoft Store excursion, Microsoft buying Mojang?, the anniversary of the Dreamcast, and new news out of Apple. 

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Josh has gone missing, but filling in for him this week is Brad who rises to power like a fiery phoenix of hostitude. 

On the show the trio discusses the new Nintendo 3DS and what we know of it so far, Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, new Games with Gold for September, and resurrect the long forgotten "Current Affairs" segment from yesteryear of Constantly Calibrating.

That plus some thoughts on the recent iCloud issues, pathetically called "The Fappening" on the Internet, on this week's podcast!

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