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Calibrating Passed Over Games

For our second week back post hiatus, we thought we'd take a look at why we sometimes pass over games we really want to play. What games get passed over, and why? While Josh is fixated on Project Highrise for much of this discussion, Brad and Ryan opt to branch out. They go into talks of Brad's initial thoughts on Rick & Morty, and ponder about a new renaissance for South Park. The entire team -- minus Justin who fell asleep in his chair -- end the show by trying to figure out what is up with the new astrological signs.

Did we mention we actually got a video episode recorded this week? No, well make sure to watch that, if you have time and give us feedback. We're looking to make the video experience the definitive source for Constantly Calibrating. Also, make sure you join us live each and every Monday night at 6PM PT on Twitch at for brand new episodes!

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*cough* OK, so maybe shouting wasn't necessary, but here at Constantly Calibrating we're extremely excited to let you all know that we're back! Yes, our 10 week hiatus at last has come to an end, and with it we're also back to doing weekly podcast. Seriously, this week couldn't be more awesome if we tried...which we should probably start trying, as major technical shit (as always) delayed the recorded release this week.

But enough about our problems, for now, let's talk about what this episode is about!

This week on the Constantly Calibrating podcast we discussed our time away and how a hiatus was necessary. We talked about some of the changes facing Constantly Calibrating as we move into being a business, instead of the hobby it had been for 4+ years. While not everything was discussed -- we need some cards to be hidden -- we did go into some new content and changes on this very show.

Additionally we talked about Josh & Justin's trip to PAX West 2016, Chris Metzen leaving Blizzard, and some kerfluffle stuff over at Steam (which has apparently been resolved since this episode's live airing.

Remember, you can always catch the Constantly Calibrating Podcast live on Twitch every Monday night, currently at 9PM ET.

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