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Welcome to a special bonus episode of Constantly Calibrating. This episode is simply a compilation of my previous interviews with Monty Oum and Kery Shawcross & Miles Luna. I threw this together in an effort to make sure that people could get all their RWBY info in one place, should they wish it.

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Hello to you all! Sorry for the delay in posting episode 38, but our hosting service decided to take a dump on us, which...yeah sorry for that imagery.

On this episode of Constantly Calibrating we go into a semi-lengthy discussion of the final Mass Effect 3 DLC and a possibly super-lengthy discussion of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix coming to North America and Europe.

Did you know that we entered our podcast into The Geekie Awards? Did you know that you can enter your geekie stuff as well? Well, check the link dump and enter yourself soon; the deadline is in two days!

Finally, just letting you all know that I will not be putting out my unboxing video for LootCrate. It is...just embarassingly bad, like to a degree that even I can't warrant putting it out. Sorry if you were for some reason excited about it.

That and probably less, maybe more, on this episode of Constantly Calibrating.

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Episode 37 of Constantly Calibrating is our super special bonus episode of sleep-deprivation, I mean awesomeness! The Playstation 4 debuted today at Sony's Press Conference. Find out all the details and our thoughts on the first "true" next-gen to be announced.

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Episode 36 of ConCal is something I've been waiting for, for nearly two weeks now. Who knew it would also end up being my first solo gig! Due to some horrendous scheduling-related issues, Steven was not able to join on this episode -- Brad has kids/family that apparently is more important or something -- which left me in the position of doing a full podcast À la carte (which I know I'm using completely inaccurately).

What came out was a highly enjoyable chat with a truly interesting individual/geek. Honestly this is probably my favorite interview to date, which is saying something since I made the same claim just 5 hours earlier after talking to Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum.

Kristen was an absolute delight to chat with, and I can only hope that we have her on again sometime in the not too distant future.

To find out more about The Geekie Awards or their Epic Cosplay Contest, check the link dump! (Do it!)

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Our 35th episode of Constantly Calibrating is sponsored by the flu. You can pick up the flu super cheap at your local education, medical, or pornographic facility. Also by simply walking outside.

On this episode we explore the wonders of Monopoly again, new board game stuff, announce a contest, and a whole bunch of other mishigas

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Episode 34 of Constantly Calibrating is shockingly enough the 34th episode that we've done of this fun-filled podcasting extravaganza. Crazy how numbers work, eh? This week we discuss some controversy over Borderlands 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening shipping issues, Four in February (including our #4IF contest), and announce a new contest to win a copy of Dead Space 3!

Take a listen and you could get 1/4th of the way closer to winning this newly released game!

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