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Episode 25 is here at last! Why am I so excited for this, you ask? Well, we decided that starting with our 25th episode we would be adding in music at the beginning of our podcasts. Until such time as we decide on an official podcast theme song we will be alternating through assorted music fitting of the individual discussions, or such.

On today's podcast: some Assassin's Creed discussions and fogcast related rambleations!

This week's theme song is "Brothers of the Creed" by Miracle of Sound. More information about Miracle of Sound can be found by visiting our site and click on this podcast's link.

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Another week, another podcast; for once with Josh being far more sleep-deprived than Steven! It's a Christmas October; which makes sense since in Arizona people start putting up holiday decorations at the same time as Halloween decorations. I blame Sun-exposure.

For today's podcast we go into quite a few discussions of what it takes to build a home; some Mass Effect: Omega announcement stuff; all culminating in random tirades about Disney. All-in-all a pretty standard podcast out here at ConCal.

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The time of reckoning hath come to pass! Fogcast #2 is here and you will enjoy it, or else! XCOM: Enemy UnknownMass Effect* (big shocker), and assorted scientific preamble appear and contour to the shape of our most recent show.

*The announcement about the newest Mass Effect DLC titled “Omega” was announced shortly after we recorded this week’s podcast. We’ll have more information and a discussion of that on next week’s episode.

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Now that that outburst is out of the way...mostly.

Today we bring you a podcast that I had been waiting to record for quite some time, but wasn't sure if we would be able to work it out. On the show we have Anthony Burch (Lead Writer of Borderlands 2) and Ashly Burch (Tiny Tina in Borderlands 2) and it was awesome! The Burch's, as we tend to call them around our house, are old friend's of ours and to catch up and suck up to them was oh so fun.

With that, put your Borderlands 2 down*, sit down, and have a listen.

*Note: You really don't need to put Borderlands 2 down; your obsession is perfectly healthy and understandable. Just throw the podcast on while you're playing. You'll find it adds to the ambiance in ways you would never expect.

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