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Episode 9 of Constantly Calibrating is brought to you buy choking on coconut water. We however bring you some information on the Stamford Zombie Walk happening this Summer as well as some Phoenix Comic-Con and Nerdist discussion. 

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Hey, it's episode number 8! Holy frell does time fly. It feels like just 5 days ago we were posting episode 7. On today's extra special podcast we have the extra special and lovely, Ms. Raychul Moore! Raychul is completely awesome and a delight to chat with. Diablo 3Kingdoms of AmalurThe Avengers, and Cabin in the Woods are just some of the things discussed. (Sadly we forgot to talk to her about cosplay. Woops!

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On today's podcast Steven and I are frelling exhausted. As such I have decided to leave the podcast unedited for your listening..ummm....pleasure? On this episode we discuss The Avengers and its earth-shattering earthyness. We also get constantly distracted. It's fun!

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Hey we're back with episode #6 of Constantly Calibrating. For today's podcast we finally fix the snags we previously experience with Skype and get our good friend Brad Coggins on the podcast. Brad is a huge fan of World of Warcraft and takes the time to give us some info on the ongoing Mists of Pandaria beta. He also fills Steven and I in on the Diablo 3 open beta. The three of us delve into our secret nerd shame as well. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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