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We at Constantly Calibrating are bidding adieu to 2013 with a fun-filled podcast focusing on the 2nd Annual GNN Gaming Awards! The podcast may be longer than usual, but it's highly entertaining with our special guest Nichole Nance (Itty Bitty Geek). We chat about each of the winners, go on tangents, and then I have some announcements for the ConCal as we end this year.

If you would like to see a list of the winners for this year, check this link: (

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Two episode of Constantly Calibrating released within 24 hours of each other? Get out of town! This week on the podcast we discussed reveals from the Spike VGX show this past weekend, before going into nominations for the 2nd Annual Geek News Network Gaming Awards! In addition to that, how would you like to win a free video game? Make sure to listen to this podcast to find out how!

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6 days late is better than nothing, right? Technical issues the likes of which we have never seen before plagued the Constantly Calibrating Virtual Studio last week, causing us to miss out on posting a plethora of content to you, our loyal audience. As such, we'll be bringing forth additional videos and a new contest, starting tomorrow (Wednesday).

For now, please enjoy last week's podcast wherein we examine the Xbox One in as great of detail as we're capable of!

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