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Walking Dead: The Game may be my favorite game of the year; Steven questions our being alive after the world ended; and 3 days from Doctor Who Christmas Special. It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

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You've seen the nominations, now hear us discuss the winners of our first ever End of the Year Gaming Awards Show. This whole project was a partnership between us and the fine folks at Geek News Network and East Valley Gaming, which is why it saddens us that due to technical difficulties we were unable to carry on a stable connection via Skype. As such the podcast will consist of myself, Steven, and Brad for an entire two hours! (Note: Two hours is a hell of a podcast to edit, so I hope you all like it. This is seriously my favorite one we have ever done.)

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Episode 29 brings us a tale of the making of a Constantly Calibrating episode, sort of. We cover some of the scripting of how an episode comes to be. More importantly we cover our thoughts on Mass Effect: Omega at the end. Sorry for the short introductory paragraph here, but been dealing with a series of mini emergencies throughout the last week.

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We bring unto you our episode, number 28 in the lore of the land of those who calibrate constantly. Of this episode we speak great truths in regard to the horrors of traveling during the giving of thanks, but that is not all. For we regale you with many a tale of opinions of Assassin's Creed, the Third. Does gentle Ubisoft's latest opus score well with Steven and mine eyes; find out at the end of our thrilling podcasting experience!

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