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Spring is fast approaching from within the wintery hell most of us find ourselves in, which means it's time for our annual Springtime Gaming Showcase (name pending). This week we showcase 9 (or more) of our most anticipated games releasing through June of this year; games such as Titanfall, Fable Anniversary, Watch_Dogs, WildStar, Final Fantasy X/X-2, and much more.

In addition to that, we ask a question that's on many minds this week: what's up with Epic? The much beloved gaming & engine developer recently sold their Gears of War franchise to Microsoft, which leaves the question of what else are they developing currently.

We discuss all of that, this week on Constantly Calibrating!

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Begun the [REDACTED] Crush [REDACTED] has...

On this week's episode, Brad rants about some odd legal decisions on the part of King, developers of the popular Candy Crush Saga; we take a look at Nintendo's losses due to the Wii U and how they can fix it; ponder about what Blizzard's pre-order bonuses for Warlords of Draneor may entail for the industry; and venture guesses at why we need to use 13GB of storage space on our Xbox One's just to play Dead Rising 3.

That and varying degrees of additional information on this week's Constantly Calibrating!

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What is a gaming themed podcast without gaming discussions? Well, you're about to find out!

On this week's episode our intrepid team discusses casting news for Marvel's Ant-Man, thoughts on the future of the Amazing Spider-Man movie series, and why Sean Connery should be a super hero. That plus a late game rant against SimCity (progress) and much more!

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You ever have one of those nights where you think to yourself, "Why did I name my podcast after the act of fixing something? Won't the universe feel like I'm taunting it, making it difficult to record?" If so, then we have much to discuss.

This week on ConCal out dynamic trio ran afoul of a non-recording recording program, which led to 45 minutes of lost audio. Never fear, as the episode is still a glorious discussion of Steam sales, Steam Boxes, a man with two dicks, and a wonderful Peter Molyneux improv routine.

You've been warned.

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