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ConCal is brand new this week; being recorded from a brand new location. New locations of course entail plenty of rants, rambles, and tangents on topics relating to everything from interior design to new house woes to how to properly keep your bees. This of course is not a home improvement show, so don't expect too much of that. What we do have is plenty of discussions about actively played games and events from this past weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.

Superman, Batman, The Avengers, and plenty more are on the docket this week, so stick around and listen!

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It's contest time for ConCal, which means you should head over to Geek News Network ( to find out how to enter!

On this week's episode Brad and I discussed our thought's on Deadpool's first starring role in a video game, before transitioning along a journey leading through Grand Theft Auto V, the Steam Summer Sale, WoW getting a cash shop, and our thoughts on why Internet cafes never caught on in the US.

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The time has come, one month later for us to finally do our long hyped The Last of Us spoilercast. Now to explain a spoilercast, for anyone that missed the BioShock Infinite one from a few months back, essentially we talk about the game and don't pull any punches. (Let's be fair, you know what a spoilercast is.)

What were our thoughts on the gameplay of The Last of Us? Did the mechanics make sense with the story? How about that ending? Which characters were the most impactful?

These and possibly more questions will be addressed on this week's ConCal!

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It is a time for discussions and pondering as we reach episode 55 of ConCal. 

This week is not the previously announced The Last of Us spoilercast, as that had to be delayed by a week. Fear not! Brad and I spent this episode discussing many things, both enlightening and illuminating. Join us as we take a look into the departure of Don Mattrick from Xbox, the addition of balloons to the haphazardly released SimCity, and a new race venturing into the companion slot in Star Wars; The Old Republic.

If this is not enough to peak your interests, then I also offer you two tales of meeting people I wanted to be as a child. There may also be some ramble, as is expected when one is on Constantly Calibrating.

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