Constantly Calibrating Podcast (Gaming & Geek Culture)

Head injuries on occasion lead to a more entertaining podcast. This may in fact be one of those cases.

On this week's episode we look at news for the Amazing Spider-Man film series from Sony Pictures, a potential film about the 90's console war between Sega & Nintendo, the closure of Irrational Games, and plenty of tangents along gaming topics and beyond.

We also say goodbye to the brilliant comedic genius Harold Ramis, in what was one of the most difficult ending conversations we've yet to have on ConCal.

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Do you like it when a 2-man team from a traditionally 3-man team gaming podcast discuss things primarily not in the realm of gaming? Then you're in luck, as Josh & Brad delve into shows like Arrow & Agents of Shield, as well as the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.

There are also gaming discussions in the form of The Wolf Among Us Episode 2, Fable Anniversary, and some potentially shocking thoughts on Titanfall with its recent beta. Give it a listen, as we have a feeling you'll enjoy it!

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Calibrating The Fable of Aunt Gertrude

For this week's journey down the auditory rabbit hole we take an in-depth look at both Fable Anniversary, as well as some more thoughts on Everquest Next Landmark. Better get used to hearing about the latter game, as we're quite fond of it and it will likely come up fairly regularly.

In addition, we talk about rumors swirling about Lex Luthor's appearance in Batman vs. Superman vs. Batman and a Side of Taquitos; plus a whole lot of other stuff.


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Everquest Next Landmark's Alpha is upon us, and it is good! On this week's episode Brad & Josh discuss their thoughts after 48 hours in the game's semi-tumultuous alpha experience. With the help of Justin, discussions then swing over to thoughts on what can be done to fix Star Wars The Old Republic, and is it possible that Star Wars Galaxies may make its triumphant return?

That, plus prior discussions on changes to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Amazing Spider-Man 2's latest trailers, and more on ConCal!

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