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Our podcast is finally legal! Time to get it sloshed! Except we didn't think about this fact prior to recording and I don't drink any more. Hmmm, probably shouldn't point this fact out then.

Alas, we come to our latest podcast with our discussions of Borderlands 1 & 2, as well as the newly announced Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD thing.

Turns out that I'm also extremely tired, in that I completely forgot to record an introduction this time. Well, let's pretend it was intentional and just a test or something.

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We're still here 6 months, and 20 episodes later. On today's podcast we discuss the recent announcements concerning the Wii U; the upcoming release of Borderlands 2; an upcoming episode in progress; FTL; and much more!

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Today is the day of DLC discussions and Mass Effect tangents. Hearthfire just released this week and Josh has some thoughts on the new expansion. In addition, Steven and Josh go into an incredibly lengthy winding discussion of the latest Mass Effect 3 DLC, Leviathan. 

If you enjoy are normal daily rantings, then make sure you check out our new podcast, After Who. Your beloved crew from ConCal sits around with more of our friends and discuss the latest episode of Doctor Who shortly after it airs. It is a fun-filled Whovian extravaganza. Allons-y!

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