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What do Wildstar, Star Wars: Episode VII, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Everquest Next Landmark  have in common? Well, they're all topics on this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating!

Come by for the topics, stay for Justin's rythmic stylings!

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Episode 88 of Constantly Calibrating features another trip to the world of Blizzard Entertainment, as Brad details recent news happening at the highly revered company. We also discuss changes coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic, namely the new housing project being introduced to the MMO. That may or may not have lead to a trip down memory lane as it pertains to Star Wars Galaxies as well, so take a listen if you're curious.

That and more, this week on ConCal!

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On this week's Constantly Calibrating we ponder the rumors of Peter Capaldi only being on Doctor Who for one series, much like predecessor Christopher Eccleston. Who could possibly take over for him, should the BBC decide to go through with their rumored "radical change" for the long-running show.

In addition we chat about World of Warcraft's next expansion Warlords of Draenor, thoughts on Arrow and its own rumor-mill, plus at the age of 29-years-old (nearly), I, Joshua Silverman, have learned to ride a bike!

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It took 86 episodes before Josh's brain finally broke, rendering him incapable of coming up with a proper joke title. Oh well, that's life.

On this week's episode, Brad, Josh, and Justin discuss what they've been playing the last week, rumors of a Mass Effect Trilogy re-release, Batman Arkham Knights unveiling, and finish it off with a whole bunch of South Park: The Stick of Truth gentle spoiler filled discussion.

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