Constantly Calibrating Podcast (Gaming & Geek Culture)

This week, we get meta and talk about the differences between Legacy and Internet/Digital Media (Old and New Media). Is there a place for both, or will one win out? And where does Constantly Calibrating see itself in the middle of all this?


Find out on this week's podcast!

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Calibrating The Four Pillars of Successful Games

This week we talk a bit of TV show news, New 3DS release dates, and more possible buyouts from Disney in the news.

For our main topic of discussion we ask the quesion: What makes a game sucessful? Our answer we come to surprises even us at the end a bit.

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This week our heroes embark upon their 2015 most anticipated games list along with a regular dabbling of news, as much news as can be expected in Januaray anyways! Strap in and join us as we venture forth into the our own personal hype for this year in games!

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This week we go sans Josh! Cause he's having a baby (no not him physically althought we'd cover that if he was!) We talk about a few collectors editions one with a spoiler, Sony's Playstation Now and Network issues, Star Wars episode VII fighting, a little CES 2015.

Then we move to our main topic of complaining (maybe like old guys?) about the Halo 5 Guardians Beta!

Come hang out with us and hear our thoughts as we work through it all! Be sure to share any thoughts you have on the cast wth us in the comments, Twitter, or Facebook.

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