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This past weekend the world was torn asunder when the most devastating news imaginable was unleashed upon them: Ben Affleck will be playing Bruce Wayne...Batman! Nations crumbled upon the weight of this most heinous act, but alas there is a bright spot as we, your favorite podcast hosts, discuss our thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman, and what the future of the DC Cinematic Universe might hold.

Stick around as well for thoughts on Saints Row 4, Diablo 3's recently announced expansion, Grand Theft Auto Online's character creator, and more!

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This week's episode of Constantly Calibrating is built upon the back of stories from the world of gaming and geekdom. We sail through the realm of The Geekie Awards, stopping off in ports of Grand Theft Auto Online, Fable Legends, Brad also takes us on a journey through the Hearthstone beta, and many thoughts on assorted controversies in the world of gaming. This episode takes on a more serious tone than other episode, as we delve deep into our thoughts on why people get off on threatening others online; something that in no way benefits the perpetrator.

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This week some things were discussed. Some rambling also took place.

What? You're looking for specifics? Well, if you must know, we discussed the recent Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer (which can be found on, some more Everquest Next, Kinect and Xbox One potential woes, GameStop's interesting "deals", and my furry feline predicament. What might that be? Well, you should listen to find out!

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We're back!

After a week off, wandering the wilds of the Internet, we have returned to discuss the two major pieces of news for this week: the unveiling of the Twelfth Doctor & Sony Online Entertainment's new MMO, Everquest Next. We of course go on tangents leading in random directions, because that is who we are as podcasting people, but the topics list was quite small for this week; yet quite large when you consider the topics at hand.

Listen to us, and friend of the podcast Dylan Smoak discuss these topics in as much depth as we're capable of. <em>Spoiler Alert</em>: We didn't even cover half of the topics available for Everquest Next & Landmark, so expect more discussions of it in the future.

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