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This week, The crew grabs their Pip-Boys and yarn-based companions and embark upon the biggest gaming event of the yearE3 2015!

They discuss whether Nintendo really has to care about these kind of conferences (they don't) and whether Square Enix is still relevant (they aren’t). Brian and Justin get indignant about Xbox backwards compatibility and what should and shouldn't have been offered on day one, and goddamit, everyone keeps taking Josh’s topics!

Let us know what you thought of E3 and what you are most excited for. To hear what we thought, give a listen to this weeks Constantly Calibrating!

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This week, Brad skips out on the show as the rest of the guys make their predictions for E3 2015!

Josh, Justin, and Brian dig deep as they predict their hopes and dreams that may or may not come true (“All” we are asking for is a new Mass Effect title, and maybe some Mirror’s Edge).

Will Kojima be trotted out on stage?

Will Nintendo unveil its next console?

Will we have somebody representing ConCal at E3?

Tune in to find out which one of those might be a possibility on this week’s cast, then join us next week to discuss what was unveiled!

Only on the Constantly Calibrating E3 2015 Predictions Show!

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Calibrating Gaming Soundscapes

This week, Brad leads Justin and Brian along in a rousing discussion of our favorite and not-so-favorite video game music. They try and figure out what exactly makes a soundtrack memorable/nostalgic, what they dislike in gaming soundtracks, and Justin tries to figure out how exactly to say Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's name correctly.

Find this out and more on this weeks episode of Constantly Calibrating!

If we missed an important soundtrack, or you think we are completely crazy with our reasoning, let us know! If you liked it, tell your friends about it!

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Yay! We're not dead...this time for real!

For this week's pre-Thanksgiving podcast we dropped the news and went full gaming, with a look at the last 3 week's major gaming releases. Well, more specifically the ones that members of the team have picked up. Listen as we give reviews and talk about World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, Assassin's Creed Unity, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Grand Theft Auto V: The College Years.

Also, to those listening, make sure to participate in our Thanksgiving "contest" by using the hashtag #ConCalThanksgiving while proving you're listening to this episode on Thanksgiving. 

Today we're featuring a special, end-week episode of Constantly Calibrating so that we can recap all the wonders that we were beholden to at E3 this week.

No Man's Sky, Assassin's Creed Unity (controversy and all), Far Cry 4 (with additional controversy), Dragon Age Inquisition, Sunset Overdrive, and much more will get discussed this week, so make sure to listen.

Also, let us know in the comments what your thoughts were on the big event. What won? Were you disappointed with anything? Why aren't we able to throw our money at Hello Games yet?

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On today's episode we were joined by Nichole Nance (Itty Bitty Geek) to try and answer the question "Is lack of gender choice a legitimate reason to not play a game?"

Let us know your own thoughts in whatever comment area you find this podcast.

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It took 86 episodes before Josh's brain finally broke, rendering him incapable of coming up with a proper joke title. Oh well, that's life.

On this week's episode, Brad, Josh, and Justin discuss what they've been playing the last week, rumors of a Mass Effect Trilogy re-release, Batman Arkham Knights unveiling, and finish it off with a whole bunch of South Park: The Stick of Truth gentle spoiler filled discussion.

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Spring is fast approaching from within the wintery hell most of us find ourselves in, which means it's time for our annual Springtime Gaming Showcase (name pending). This week we showcase 9 (or more) of our most anticipated games releasing through June of this year; games such as Titanfall, Fable Anniversary, Watch_Dogs, WildStar, Final Fantasy X/X-2, and much more.

In addition to that, we ask a question that's on many minds this week: what's up with Epic? The much beloved gaming & engine developer recently sold their Gears of War franchise to Microsoft, which leaves the question of what else are they developing currently.

We discuss all of that, this week on Constantly Calibrating!

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Begun the [REDACTED] Crush [REDACTED] has...

On this week's episode, Brad rants about some odd legal decisions on the part of King, developers of the popular Candy Crush Saga; we take a look at Nintendo's losses due to the Wii U and how they can fix it; ponder about what Blizzard's pre-order bonuses for Warlords of Draneor may entail for the industry; and venture guesses at why we need to use 13GB of storage space on our Xbox One's just to play Dead Rising 3.

That and varying degrees of additional information on this week's Constantly Calibrating!

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