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Mar 2, 2018

And now for something we think you're going to enjoy: On this week's Constantly Calibrating Podcast the full team returns, and they brought a friend & guest. That's right, after years of thinking about it, Josh finally brought Vanessa Marie, CEO & Founder of Gamer Assault Weekly on the podcast.

Vanessa has been around the gaming industry for many years, starting as a Frag Doll (after leaving a fashion blogging career) and then moving onto gaming journalism and now PR. Yes, Josh gets to talk to another Public Relations person in the industry, this time from Novy Unlimited.

Seriously, this is a banner episode for the show and one you should not miss!

Aside for all of that the guys talk car issues and things get incredibly awkward. It's a good time for one and all!

Topics this week included:

  • Josh's Dream Car
  • From Fashion Blogging to Games Journalism to Games PR
  • What is a Brand Ambassador?
  • Why are we friends?
  • The E3 First Timer Tip List