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Jul 1, 2017

Once, long ago, our team of hosts had an experience that nearly changed the very nature of their existence: They interviewed Chris Avellone. Without much in the way of hyperbole, our team was revitalized through a 40 minute interview that turned into a near 2-hour podcasting experience. Chris Avellone, a writing legend of modern times and Josh's youth, has once again returned to impart wisdom and knowledge.

The whole group also makes a large amount of dick & fart jokes, and Chris helps promote the upcoming Pathfinder: Kingsmaker. It's a Constantly Calibrating Podcast show, let's not think too high or mighty of ourselves.

If you liked the episode, let us know in whatever comments you see fit, or with a review maybe? Same goes for if you hated the entire experience. Furthermore, only you can help us convince Chris to come back to complete the trilogy of discussions. Or perhaps to take Josh on as apprentice or DM a D&D show for us. *cough*