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Nov 13, 2013

Episode 73, originally conceived as a purely BlizzCon 2013 recap episode, quickly grew as our podcast hosts were faced with additional newstories from the prior weekend. What tales do BioWare have in store for us, as depicted in their annual tradition of N7 Day? Are the newly announced Founders Packs for Everquest Next Landmark worth your hard-earned money? These are the questions we tackle before heading into this past weekend's highly anticipated event. 

That event being the aformentioned BlizzCon, wherein a new expansion for World of Warcraft was announced; more details released on the long-awaited World of Warcraft film; and information released on the highly anticipated MOBA-stlyed game, Heroes of the Storm. What info will we have for you? How excited will Brad and Josh get over this news? How little interest will Justin show?

Find out that and more on this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating!