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May 29, 2013

Phoenix Comicon has come and gone, and with its end we're left with many questions:

Who are we? What do we want? Where are we going?

Well, those questions may actually stem from the Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel, which was one of the highlights of my weekend, and perhaps my life to date.

We were actually left...

May 21, 2013

It's time for this week's Constantly Calibrating episode, "Calibrating Xbox Reveal". The runner-up for episode name is of course "Calibrating MocapDog".

The Xbox One was announced today and with it came a lot of press over what Microsoft did, or in this case did not, do right with the system's debut. Some may argue a...

May 15, 2013

Electronic Arts and Star Wars are where it's at with this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating. We take a look at EA's deal to exclusively make new games in the beloved franchise, as well as what this might mean for properties both new and old. 

We continue to chat about new things happening in Star Wars: The Old...

May 7, 2013

Gaming Goddess Raychul Moore is back this week for her long anticipated second date with the lovely gentleman of Constantly Calibrating. You may remember our interview with her from last year; we had hoped she had forgotten it. This time, things went smoothly as we discussed the missteps of the upcoming next generation...