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Mar 27, 2013

A day late and a pickle short.

Or something.

This is episode 44 and we talk about a lot of things this week. Explanations of last week's delay coincide with discussions of Final Fantasy X/X-2 and where a remastering of Final Fantasy VII is. A look at this past weekend's drug-filled extravaganza, The Croods, meets...

Mar 24, 2013

This week's podcast is immensely late, as I'm sure you've all noticed. I'll discuss what's been going on in this Tuesday's episode, #44. Do to major time constraints I'll just be putting the episode up as is without introduction or theme. My apologies for this drop in quality.

Check the link dump for more info on what...

Mar 14, 2013

Welcome to part 2 of our one-year anniversary episode of Constantly Calibrating!

On this episode we get Brad committed to joining us for RTX 2013, while he's simultaneously attempting to get me into StarCraft II. 

Spoiler: It worked. Brad and I are planning to stream some "Noob vs. Lesser-Noob: The Battle of StarCraft...

Mar 13, 2013

Welcome to the two-part one-year anniversary edition of Constantly Calibrating! It has been one hell of a year and one hell of a learning experience doing this podcast. I can't say this enough to all of you, but thank you for the love and support since we started this whole...whatever it is!


On this podcast we go all...

Mar 6, 2013

Our little ol' podcast has hit the big 4-0! Fancy that. Well, we're within sight of our one-year anniversary, which means that obviously the site is all kerfluffy-like this week. It happens.

For today's podcast we go in-depth on everything we know about Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag, while preparing to say goodbye...