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Aug 18, 2017

Another week, another podcast; this week we brought back Cutwright to talk about our experiences at GameOn Expo 2017! Cutwright, and Stream Arizona, invited Constantly Calibrating to work with them at the event, and it was one awesome experience. Join our team and guest as they go into the experience that was GameOn Expo 2017.

From there this heroic team-up explores whether Fortnite is still a viable game three weeks after its early access release. And from there it's onto the main topic, where with  the releases of Sonic Mania and StarCraft Remastered our team posed a question: What classic game would you love to see rebooted, remastered, or simply brought back in some capacity.

Our answers will probably not surprise you, but we did get some fun audience feedback, so make sure to join in.


Thanks for watching and listening; make sure you come back each week when we're live on Twitch, and Twitch.TV/ConstantlyCalibrating!