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Sep 8, 2017

Dear listener: Has it really been one, five, ten, or fifteen years since we last attended PAX West? If not, please disregard this and get back to work. Distribute token of appreciation and applaud.

That's right, it's PAX West 2017 time! Woo! Let's celebrate the fun-filled show while half the United States is underwater (imminently or actually) and the other half is on fire! *cough* OK, so it's a bit of a massive downer week, but we still have an awesome show for you, featuring our original duo of Josh & Brad going over the sights, sounds, and smells of PAX West 2017. 

If you're here for thoughts on panels, then good, we have some of those. How about some games talk? We definitely have that! Want to hear Josh discover a new love affair with cooking-based gaming? No, none of us wanted that, but it's here anyways! 

Please consider this our week one PAX West 2017 discussion, as we'll touch base on a few more titles next week. Make sure you also check out our entire PAX West 2017 catalog of videos, which will be slowly releasing throughout the weekend. Or we'll release in one large chunk, cause the world is ending anyways.

Too much doom?