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Jun 16, 2017

E3 2017 has come and gone, and with it we have been left somehow with more questions than previous years: What does the future of multiplatform look like? When is Kingdom Hearts 3 releasing? Who greenlit that EA Play event? Why does Sony insist on focusing on a bored crowd, versus the actual games they're displaying? No, Seriously, when is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to relase? These are the questions we intended on asking this week, or among the ones at least. That was until some last minute illnesses and appointments laid out half of our team, as well stable of guest hosts.

So instead, you're getting two parts to our E3 2017 coverage. Next week will be the originally planned "Bring Your Own Topic (BYOT)" show, while this week...this week is something entirely different.

At Constantly Calibrating we have an issue with keeping up with traditions; this goes doubly so for our own. Every year we mold, redistribute, and change the very nature of how we work. It's not really a planned thing in our nature, but the cost of spending five years trying to figure out our place. As such, traditions become challenging to keep.

That is until now, as we're bringing back the 2016 "Looks Pretty" Awards and pushing them forward into E3 2017. The Looks Pretties is our version of a "most anticipated" event. They're virtual (soon physical) awards we give for games that simply look awesome, neat, or yes, pretty. They're the games that E3 or other events left us with a strong desire for, but may honestly even fade before the next event. It's a shifting, swirling world of desires and interests, that even two days after recording we may not entirely agree with. It's about being in the moment, and in the moment, we have our award show.

Let us know what you think deserves your own Looks Pretty Award, and even feel free to tell us off if we somehow got it wrong.