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When trying to stand out in a oversaturated marketplace, the only thing sometimes separating one person's (or company's) product from another is hype. The question is, when does hyping something up betray the product/media at hand?

This is the question we hope to discuss and maybe shed light on for this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating.

Also, some news on the Ant-Man film, Daredevil on Netflix, Nintendo's next dick move, and...suspended animation being a reality.

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This week on Constantly Calibrating we're featuring an interview with Kristen Nedopak, creator of The Geekie Awards. Prior to that we also discuss thoughts on Batman's design for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the potential YouTube buyout of Twitch.

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On today's episode we were joined by Nichole Nance (Itty Bitty Geek) to try and answer the question "Is lack of gender choice a legitimate reason to not play a game?"

Let us know your own thoughts in whatever comment area you find this podcast.

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Our dynamic trio is back together again after a series of vacations & other shenanigans. This week, Josh, Brad, & Justin look at some recent news before moving onto our main topic: Star Wars.

This past weekend was Star Wars Day (or May the 4th) and Josh felt it was time to come clean on his hatred of this yearly event. Beyond that, we talk about the death of the old expanded universe in Star Wars and where we hope it goes to now, plus ideas about the recent casting announcements for Episode VII.

Check it out, as this is probably the best episode we've put out to date!

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Josh and Justin are out this week! So Brian and Brad team up together for the first time to bring you updated news about Constantly Calibrating, the slow death of retail, and DC's inevitable rank behind Marvel's cinematic universe.

Brad is on Twitch, Brian is on Mac (to the other host's chagrin), and Joshua is in Disneyland on this episode of:

Constantly Calibrating!

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The Game Boy is 25 years old this week, which means that Brad & Josh are feeling particularly nostalgic and depressed about aging. This week's trio discusses memories of the system, as well as our lives with it.

There's also some news on both a Farscape film (which has Josh understandably excited) & a return of Humongous Entertainment (which has Josh confusingly excited).


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This week on Constantly Calibrating, we discuss some thoughts on this past weekend's PAX East event, including what excited us the most. From there we ponder what are the best and worst examples of Nerdy In-Jokes in pop culture, before heading into our main discussion on our favorite (and least favorite) secondary characters in gaming.


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It's episode 91 of Constantly Calibrating, which means it's time for change to our usual format! We're now working with a far more structured system than before, and personally I (Josh) think it's outstanding!

This week we discuss Marvel's Cinematic Universe being planned out til 2028 & news that Microsoft may pursue Xbox 360 emulation on the Xbox One.

Finally, this week we're launching (planned) monthly debates on the podcast. This month's debate is about the morality of botting, powerleveling, and other potential cheating in online gaming. Drop us a comment if you have your own thoughts on the subject that you would like to share.

Also, let us know what you think of the new format!

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ConCal 90 brings about some changes to our format, let us know what you think or if you even noticed.

Otherwise, on this week's podcast Brad & Justin give us some thoughts on Diablo 3's first expansion, Reaper of Souls, we address the rumors circulating Assassin's Creed Comet, thoughts on the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe, and we delve into Facebook buying the Occulus Rift.

That plus news and announcements for our newest podcast, Armbar!

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What do Wildstar, Star Wars: Episode VII, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Everquest Next Landmark  have in common? Well, they're all topics on this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating!

Come by for the topics, stay for Justin's rythmic stylings!

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