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For this week's casting of the pods, we discuss experiences with beta testing in a post-Destiny beta world. We also take a look at EA Access, The Last of Us: One Night Only, and recap San Diego Comic-Con 2014, including thoughts on Dawn of Justice, Deadpool, Evil Dead, Halo Nightfall, and more!

Note: Due to some upload issues, we had to experiment with putting out a lower sound quality podcast this week. It sounds fine to us, but if it's in any way bothersome, please let us know.

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We all have those movies from our childhood that changed us, shaped us into who we are now. For today's main topic, Brad, Brian, and Josh discuss the movies that influenced them the most at the age of 9 years old or younger. Continue checking back for more discussions of films throughout our lives.

For recent news, we discuss DashCon, insane Star Wars Episode VII rumors, The Sims 4 going premium, and the upcoming Simpsons 12-day marathon.

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We're still in the post-RTX afterglow, so forgive us for some structural instability issues on this week's podcast. While you're forgiving us, make sure to also drop a thank you in the comments for getting the outstanding Niki Birkedahl, better know as Smoldering Flame Cosplay to some of you, on the podcast.

We had a great time talking about recent news, such as Weird Al being back at work, BioWare requesting Mass Effect feedback, and some Blizzcon news. This was of course followed up with an interview on Niki's life as it pertains to cosplay.

Honestly, we completely ran out of time with her at the end of the show, so definitely look for her to be coming back sometime in the not terribly distant future.


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Written words are incapable of expressing the emotion I (Josh) am personally going through after a long weekend at RTX. Therefore I submit to you the following podcast wherein Justin, Brian, & I regale Brad (who couldn't attend) with tales of the Rooster Teeth Expo.

These stories include anecdotes & commentary on Miles Luna, RWBY, The Guardians, Burnie Burns, Greg Miller of IGN, Matt Hullum, Monty Oum, Kathleen Zuelch, Geoff Ramsey, frelling PWNEE Studios (creators of Cloudberry Kingdom), and much, much more.

Also, our thanks to Lucas Iosue (Hommsar on SoundCloud) for supplying our new, official theme song.


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On this week's podcast we change things up a bit, as Smoldering Flame Cosplay had a last-minute computer explosion and was not able to make the show. Never fear, as we allowed Brian to come back from his brief exile to help us discuss Dungeon Keeper Mobile, Waterslides, the return of Cliff Bleszinski, the ethics of ejaculating into a robot, World of Warcraft, and more!

That plus a special, personal announcement from Josh and some thoughts on the Steam Summer Sale and RTX 2014!

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The unthinkable has happened at last: 3/4 of the ConCal Podcast crew now have a Wii U; it's glorious! On this week's episode we delve into thoughts on why we think the Wii U was a wise/solid investment, as well as the perks of having the system. The group also looks to the future as to what games are of most interest to us.

Prior to that we ponder the recent Star Wars director announcements and listen to why Brian wants to be the first "man" on Mars.


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When is it justified to change the source material when adapting a piece of media to a different medium? In recent memory there has been sweeping changes to Game of Thrones, based on the George R. R. Martin book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Prior to that we've all seen changes that have altered entities like Harry Potter, Super Mario Bros., and Watchmen, so I'm sure we all have experience with the concept.

In addition, during the news segment we discuss Nordic going full THQ, trouble in the land of Minecraft, The Legend of Zelda, and more!

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Today we're featuring a special, end-week episode of Constantly Calibrating so that we can recap all the wonders that we were beholden to at E3 this week.

No Man's Sky, Assassin's Creed Unity (controversy and all), Far Cry 4 (with additional controversy), Dragon Age Inquisition, Sunset Overdrive, and much more will get discussed this week, so make sure to listen.

Also, let us know in the comments what your thoughts were on the big event. What won? Were you disappointed with anything? Why aren't we able to throw our money at Hello Games yet?

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Episode 100. That glorious milestone has been hit, and with it we delve into the past of Constantly Calibrating. Don't let the nostalgia trip scare you off if you're new to the show, as the episode features frank discussions of what running a show like this can do to people and friendships.

This is an episode no fan, or newcomer, of Constantly Calibrating should miss!

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We're one week away from the 100th episode of Constantly Calibrating. This week we predict what the future of gaming will bring at E3 next week, while telling tales of WildStar and Watch_Dogs.

There may also be some goats involved.

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