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This week's episode is all about Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy XV. That's right, we're taking an overarching look at both the Final Fantasy XV Unveiled event, hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys, as well as a look at the Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo which just went live.

Throughout the discussion our team members also gave thoughts to other topics related to Final Fantasy, including, but not limited to Kingdom Hearts. That's right, it's JRPG week on Constantly Calibrating, so grab your squeaky hammer and spike up your hair for some Calibrating Final Fantasy XV action!

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After a few weeks off the "air" we're back with a brand new episode, as well as a brand new host for the show: Thaddeus "Thad" Adams!

This episode is heavily based in news, from CW shows being renewed, to thoughts on VR, and early E3 predictions. Just also has some woes and misbegotten thoughts regarding being social media manager for Constantly Calibrating.

Brad also goes Black Desert Online happy, as one does from time to time.

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We're back up to our semi-full threesome again, as Brad, Josh, and Justin are on the show at the same time! On this week's show we covered Black Desert Online, Stardew Valley, Fable Legends cancellation, and the demise of Lionhead Studios.

That plus some mindless grieving, and an attempt to fill this description box up with as many words as possible, on another brand new episode of Constantly Calibrating.

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This week we leave you with Brad and Justin and the brakes have been cut. They talk about Pokemon, the PSP, and explore the wonders that happen to be within this life we call "not death".

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For this week's show we're down to only two hosts, as Brad and Josh take on the idea of having a personal gaming narrative. For Josh it started with the realization of what playing XCOM 2 was doing to his mind, then spilled off into this topic. They cover fan fictions, immersion, and how a personal gaming narrative can build the bridge between people to truly enjoy gaming for what it is.

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Morality systems have a major component of gaming for the better part of two decades, but are they beneficial or holding back true emotional development. Our team explores the pitfalls of the binary morality system and envisions their perfect emotional gaming landscape.

That, plus thoughts on Firewatch in this week's episode.

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Long ago, when Josh was just a lad of 16 or so, he dreamed that one day he would get to talk to the game developers he had long (since like a week earlier) admired. Last month the first opportunity arose when Chris Avellone stumbled onto our podcast set, ready to chat.

Now, at the start of February, the second of this set has found his way onto our shores. I'm of course speaking of the illusive David Jaffe.

On this week's show, Brad, Justin, and Josh had a lovely chat with David Jaffe about his upcoming project, Drawn to Death, while delving a bit into transparency in gaming. David may have also humiliated Josh in spectacular fashion.

After the interview, Josh regaled the team with a story of Justin's doppleganger, before going into a spoiler-free review of Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team -- you can find a written review of Lazer Team here.

Make sure you give this wonderful episode a listen and tell your friends.

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On this week's podcast we discussed the Assassin's Creed franchise, VR gaming, then conceptualized a world of Assassin's Creed VR gaming goodness. It's a good one, so strap in for an interesting journey.

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A reduced team takes a look at what is required when one considers upgrading for gaming. Whether it be console, PC, or even mobile, we all need to upgrade now and again, but what truly warrants an upgrade? 

There's a 42% chance we have an answer

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At the start of this new year, our team takes a look at the last year in gaming.

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