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On today's podcast Steven and I are frelling exhausted. As such I have decided to leave the podcast unedited for your listening..ummm....pleasure? On this episode we discuss The Avengers and its earth-shattering earthyness. We also get constantly distracted. It's fun!

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Hey we're back with episode #6 of Constantly Calibrating. For today's podcast we finally fix the snags we previously experience with Skype and get our good friend Brad Coggins on the podcast. Brad is a huge fan of World of Warcraft and takes the time to give us some info on the ongoing Mists of Pandaria beta. He also fills Steven and I in on the Diablo 3 open beta. The three of us delve into our secret nerd shame as well. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

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Wow, it's already time for Episode #5 of Constantly Calibrating. Can you all believe it?! In today's episode we finally go into some more detail about Josh's love of Leisure Suit Larry, and the ongoing Kickstarter campaign. Skyrim Kinect also gets some discussion time; as well as Halo 4. Good conversations were had by all!

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Our podcast today is brought to you by the letter S for Skype or Static. Steven and I decided to experiment with using Skype to record a podcast this week and it worked out phenomenally, except for one catch. Apparently Skype was altering the input levels throughout the recording to account for Steven's low not-in-the-room voice, which caused my already higher voice to come in blisteringly loud. I managed to fix most of the spiking issues, however my editing skills are quite limited so there is still a bit of distortion. My apologies, but rest assured that we will make sure this doesn't happen again. On today's podcast we discuss our thoughts on my recent purchase of a Kinect; our opinions of The Cabin in the Woods; and summer movies we are looking forward to. This is Episode IV of Constantly Calibrating, thank you and enjoy!

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Sorry for the delay, but we are now back with our third ever podcast. This episode is brought to you in stunning HD, or Hungover Definition. In this edition you will hear talk of our favorite April Fools jokes, Assassin's Creed 3, our dream podcast guests, Doctor Who discussion, and possibly many more. Listen and let us know what you think.

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In our second ever podcast we discuss many things, which I'm sure you all will find highly surprising. There is some discussion about the ending for Mass Effect 3, so skip to around the 24-25 minute mark to avoid that. The Doctor's new companion also gets some time as well as Steven informing us on tax breaks related to game development in the UK. Stay to the end to find out if we figured out how to end a podcast properly without a stream of gibberish. (The answer will not surprise you, at all.)

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Welcome to the premiere episode of Constantly Calibrating. On this initial podcast we discuss, for the first time, our impressions of Mass Effect 3. Warning; there will be spoilers.

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