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Today's podcast begins with an announcement of our new Doctor Who podcast, premiering next weekend. For more information on After Who check out the below link dump section.

Also on the podcast we discuss our adventures in Skyrim and go on many, many tangents. One of which leads to a completely random discussion of porn from our childhood. Yes, a podcast focusing on what some view as a children's TV show devolves into a discussion of sex & porn.

You have been warned.

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Episode 16 brings us a discussion of what we discuss. Pretty meta, eh? Steven also goes into a complete lack of detail about a childhood experience with a clown named Marbles. I however decide to ramble on about an experience with the Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim.

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We have returned! Nearly a month ago we took a brief hiatus from podcasting. It wasn't planned. It wasn't even logical, but still it happened. What is important is that we're back baby! For today's podcast we get back into the swing of things and discuss what we've been up to. Make sure you stick around to the end for a "special" minicast surprise from us.

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Double podcast topic time! Woo! On today's podcast we discuss both The Amazing Spider-Man (prior to having seen it) and the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut which was just released last week. Don't worry about spoilers for that, we save them for the end. 

To help facilitate the Mass Effect 3 discussion, here is my "Derpy" Derek Shepard as discussed in the podcast.

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Today is a very special podcast with a very special guest. Matt Hullum, co-founder of Rooster Teeth, stopped by our little podcast to discuss all things Rooster Teeth, as well as RTX! We of course don't mean he stopped by in the literal sense, but his ever-charming voice did dance their way around my computer and into your earholes. Or something. Matt was completely awesome and you should listen, right now.

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Time for the shortest of short podcasts that has ever shortened a podcast. A quick intro and into our big announcements about Rooster Teeth Expo. Make sure to listen and let us know if you have any questions for Matt Hullum. Also note, that despite it being a shortened more announcement related podcast, this does not mean that we have stopped rambling incoherently. That is part of our charm after all.

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Episode 11 and that brings us to "Prometheus". Steven and I watched the movie with family the weekend it came out and decided to record a podcast about it. At 2AM. It's fun, rambly and everything you would hope a podcast from Constantly Calibrating would be. Make sure you tune in later this week to Episode 12 for a big announcement from us.

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Time for our tenth podcast! This week is a discussion of most things E3, or at the very least the things we felt like discussing. Listen carefully throughout the podcast and you might notice Josh losing his mind. Don't panic, it's not an act.

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Episode 9 of Constantly Calibrating is brought to you buy choking on coconut water. We however bring you some information on the Stamford Zombie Walk happening this Summer as well as some Phoenix Comic-Con and Nerdist discussion. 

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Hey, it's episode number 8! Holy frell does time fly. It feels like just 5 days ago we were posting episode 7. On today's extra special podcast we have the extra special and lovely, Ms. Raychul Moore! Raychul is completely awesome and a delight to chat with. Diablo 3Kingdoms of AmalurThe Avengers, and Cabin in the Woods are just some of the things discussed. (Sadly we forgot to talk to her about cosplay. Woops!

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