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You ever have one of those nights where you think to yourself, "Why did I name my podcast after the act of fixing something? Won't the universe feel like I'm taunting it, making it difficult to record?" If so, then we have much to discuss.

This week on ConCal out dynamic trio ran afoul of a non-recording recording program, which led to 45 minutes of lost audio. Never fear, as the episode is still a glorious discussion of Steam sales, Steam Boxes, a man with two dicks, and a wonderful Peter Molyneux improv routine.

You've been warned.

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We at Constantly Calibrating are bidding adieu to 2013 with a fun-filled podcast focusing on the 2nd Annual GNN Gaming Awards! The podcast may be longer than usual, but it's highly entertaining with our special guest Nichole Nance (Itty Bitty Geek). We chat about each of the winners, go on tangents, and then I have some announcements for the ConCal as we end this year.

If you would like to see a list of the winners for this year, check this link: (

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Two episode of Constantly Calibrating released within 24 hours of each other? Get out of town! This week on the podcast we discussed reveals from the Spike VGX show this past weekend, before going into nominations for the 2nd Annual Geek News Network Gaming Awards! In addition to that, how would you like to win a free video game? Make sure to listen to this podcast to find out how!

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6 days late is better than nothing, right? Technical issues the likes of which we have never seen before plagued the Constantly Calibrating Virtual Studio last week, causing us to miss out on posting a plethora of content to you, our loyal audience. As such, we'll be bringing forth additional videos and a new contest, starting tomorrow (Wednesday).

For now, please enjoy last week's podcast wherein we examine the Xbox One in as great of detail as we're capable of!

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Episode 73, originally conceived as a purely BlizzCon 2013 recap episode, quickly grew as our podcast hosts were faced with additional newstories from the prior weekend. What tales do BioWare have in store for us, as depicted in their annual tradition of N7 Day? Are the newly announced Founders Packs for Everquest Next Landmark worth your hard-earned money? These are the questions we tackle before heading into this past weekend's highly anticipated event. 

That event being the aformentioned BlizzCon, wherein a new expansion for World of Warcraft was announced; more details released on the long-awaited World of Warcraft film; and information released on the highly anticipated MOBA-stlyed game, Heroes of the Storm. What info will we have for you? How excited will Brad and Josh get over this news? How little interest will Justin show?

Find out that and more on this week's episode of Constantly Calibrating!

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There's nothing wrong with posting half an episode a day late, right? Well, I sure hope not, because that's what's happening with our 70th episode. Also on this episode: Pokemon! That's right, due to a technical error, we lost all of the non-Pokemon discussion from this week's episode. There's nothing wrong with discussing said Pokemon stuff, so I hope you all enjoy it!

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This week on Constantly Calibrating, we brought in special guest Ryan Firster to join us on the show. Make sure to check the "Tingle Pot" for a link to one of Ryan's recent sets.

The topics this week include <em>Pokemon X & Y</em>, the announcement of <em>Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX</em>, my 10-year high school reunion and its significance to ConCal, and some thoughts on the launch of our own YouTube gaming channel!

The description may be short and quasi-bland, but the episode certainly is not! Give it a listen and make sure to comment and subscribe!

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Episode 68 of Constantly Calibrating brings us a completely out of context opening story out of Grand Theft Auto Online, book-ended with an announcement related to GTA Online — stick around til the end for that one!

In addition we bring you thoughts on the World of Warcraft film, which just had a release date announced. Where do we hope and expect the story to take us? Can a WoW film even be done in a way that is remotely satisfactory?

Our final topic of the cast relates to SimCity, ever the focus of anger in the land of ConCal. What has Electronic Arts done this time to earn our ire? Find out by listening below!

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The big one has released! That's right, Grand Theft Auto V has been unleashed upon the masses and it is good. How good you may be asking -- assuming you're not playing it that is. Well, first off you should check out my review, but then you can go and listen to this podcast for three viewpoints on all the cool and random stuff we've seen.

Before we get to GTA V however, we do have some news related to Valve's SteamOS...and news related to GTA Online. Yes, it's a GTA heavy episode, which you should accept seeing as the game has been out for only a week now.

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This week Brad and I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Matthew Allen, the Community Manager for 22Cans, Community Manager for The Dead Hamster, and Community Contact for Lionhead Studios. For the last couple of months Brad and I have discussed the importance of what goes into making a successful game; the topic almost always falling back to how a company embraces the community. After months of discussing this, it seemed time to bring someone on to explain to us what goes into the process, and how he found himself in that career.

It's not all community relations topics though, as we pick Matthew's brain about his thoughts on companies like 22Cans and Lionhead Studios, as well as what he thinks is going on with both current and next-gen gaming.

It's a long one (so to speak), so strap yourself in (seriously, so to speak) and get ready to listen to some fun conversations on gaming.

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