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On the latest episode of Constantly Calibrating, the team discusses The Game Awards. What did they like? What did they hate? Does Geoff Keighley desire a marriage to Hideo Kojima? Find out all you need to know, or at least most of it, right here!

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This week, only two of the Constantly Calibrating team survived Black Friday to discuss the yearly insanity's aftermath, and the outcome of their wallets. They also discuss the new No Mans Sky update and whether or not everything they now offer is enough to forgive the horrible excuse for a game that they originally released.

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On this week's Constantly Calibrating, some of the team celebrates the latest installment of Pokemon! While others are not living up to the hype, and are willing to voice their concerns. Can Brad convince Thad that Pokemon isn’t a casual game? Probably not, but he can certainly try.

That plus a degree of annoyance at Josh's wandering off to Disneyland.

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On this week's Constantly Calibrating we're ridiculously tired. Like, our spirits are willing, but our flesh is spongy and bruised. After conducting a 25+ hour live stream for Extra Life -- which you can still donate to at -- our team (those that survived) have gathered to discuss the stream as a whole. We talk about what went right, what went awry, and how we can do better for next time. We also delve into everyone (within memory) that we could possibly thank.

From there Brad took a trip down Blizzcon lane, extolling the virtues of the now revealed Sombra, looking at the possible demise of Starcraft 2, and building off of World of Warcraft possibly hitting his dream levels again.

Oh, and did we mention that Josh lost his mind and discussed N7 Day & Mass Effect Andromeda for 30 minutes? Cause that is kind of important. If you're watching the video podcast on YouTube, you'll see us experiment with our first React-styled content. We cover Andromeda facts, theories, and the merch surrounding N7 Day.

Take a listen or a watch and join us for this fun discussion.

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Our team is in the process of gearing up for Extra Life 2016, which meant this week's episode was a bit off the cuff compared to usual. Listen as we discuss plans, hopes, dreams, and much more. We also go on about thoughts of playing our first Dungeons & Dragons campaign, before going a bit off rails.

Oh, there's also some stupid costume stuff because we filmed it on Halloween. Yeah, that was a thing.

It's a fun one, I assure you.

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Calibrating Nintendo Switch to Cowboy

The time of the podcast has come at last, albeit it a day late. Our apologies, but apparently there were some undesirables on one of the tracks that took some time to prune out. That being said, we have an outstanding show for you this week as we cover (for real this time) the Nintendo Switch and thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2. 

Isn't it magical that we get to discuss the same thing two weeks in a row due to last week's show recording before a big news break? I know, right?

That being said, we also give you some thoughts on the trailer for Logan & the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 teaser.

Did we discuss more than this? Well you just have to listen to find out!

Also, if you're seeing this prior to November 5th, make sure to donate to our Extra Life stream at We're hosting a 25-hour livestream at and would love your support!

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A new week begins as our brave team goes head to head with a new podcast. It's episode 198, which means we're quickly closing in on the fabled episode 200...which we can't seem to remember to promote. Lovely.

But fear not! It's not Halloween yet, which means we're hear to talk to you about news that has completely unfurled since the time of this podcast's recording. Yes, we're talking Red Dead Redemption 2, and also the Nintendo NX -- debuted as Nintendo Switch after recording -- oh, and also that voice actors strike that finally came to a head. Yeah, consider this the week of stories that prove we should record this show on Wednesday nights instead.

Alas, again this is life and we still put on a phenomenal show that you SHOULD listen to. our theories on what is now Red Dead Redemption 2 alone are something you should take in. Not to mention the fact that we have first thoughts from Justin on the PlayStation VR, and we brought in a full team plus one (that's FIVE people) for this episode.

So come watch, listen, and ingest this glowing podcast of GLORIOUS aural domination.

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Due to the nature of this week we would like to apologize for the delay in releasing episode 197 of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. That being said, if you followed us on Twitch at, you probably watched it live anyways. (Hint, Hint.)

That being said, this week's podcast is presented by the letter "H", as in hurricane. That's right, our team discussed the fallout and experiences for the east coast group during Hurricane Matthew, and how it selfishly messed up our ability to output content the last two weeks. From there we explored New York Comic Con news, including a first Power Rangers trailer, news on Marvel's The Defenders, and thoughts on the state of the Arrowverse (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, & Supergirl). Additionally we have thoughts on Mafia III straight from Justin & Thaddeus, alongside visual interpretive emotional displacement from Josh & Braddeus.

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Just in time for the weekend, it's Constantly Calibrating, hosted as always by Brad Coggins, with Josh Silverman, and Justin Stanley co-hosting. But what's that? This week we have a special guest host, as we are joined by the one and only Cutwright. He is here to regale us with tales of TwitchCon, and to join in on our chat about Twitch Prime as well. 

Additionally, Justin and Brad go into a needlessly long spoiler-free look at Marvel's Luke Cage, Josh discovers a new Mass Effect and new Dragon Age comic series (plus adult coloring books), and Brad has thoughts on the new CW App that was stealthily released.

That and somehow simultaneously more and less on this week's Constantly Calibrating Podcast.


Oh and please note: This week's audio podcast was last minute edited by myself, Josh Silverman. I haven't edited the audio portion of this show in a very long time, and we were testing out some new equipment, so apologies if that sound wasn't up to our usual standards.

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Calibrating Passed Over Games

For our second week back post hiatus, we thought we'd take a look at why we sometimes pass over games we really want to play. What games get passed over, and why? While Josh is fixated on Project Highrise for much of this discussion, Brad and Ryan opt to branch out. They go into talks of Brad's initial thoughts on Rick & Morty, and ponder about a new renaissance for South Park. The entire team -- minus Justin who fell asleep in his chair -- end the show by trying to figure out what is up with the new astrological signs.

Did we mention we actually got a video episode recorded this week? No, well make sure to watch that, if you have time and give us feedback. We're looking to make the video experience the definitive source for Constantly Calibrating. Also, make sure you join us live each and every Monday night at 6PM PT on Twitch at for brand new episodes!

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