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Nov 5, 2014

What defines a fictional universe? How do we fall in love with them and what makes us dream of moving into them? These are the questions we loosely address as we look at the universes Josh, Justin, and Brian would most like to live in, if given the option.

Yes, Josh points out Mass Effect; don't be shocked.

Oct 22, 2014

Dammit Brad, the name is Lobot!

Anyways, Josh wasn't able to make this week's episode due to a sudden arm injury (don't ask questions) so our intrepid team decided to discuss how we're currently living in the future. Seriously, have you seen the amazing tech that's been popping up as of late: hoverboards, solar...

Oct 17, 2014

On today's casting of the pods, we discuss the present state of MMOs; looking at World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, EVE Online, and more. We also delve into the future of the genre, wondering what innovations need to be made, including thoughts on the upcoming Everquest Next. (There may also be some MMO...

Oct 1, 2014

As society develops, we become more and more reliant on the assorted tech surrounding us at any given time. This idea crystallized for Constantly Calibrating host Josh this past weekend, when a major Internet & TV outage caused him to reevaluate his entire life; no joke. As such, this week Team ConCal addresses the...

Sep 24, 2014


Sorry, excitement got the better of me today. Seriously, listen to this episode immediately to hear an outstanding conversation between Josh, Brad, Justin, and guest Aris Juson. We talk about Aris' work in social media and acting, as well as discuss what it takes to grow a fanbase online. There's...