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May 26, 2017

For months Brad has been shouting in the Constantly Calibrating Slack, demanding our team take another look at Destiny. Destiny, the game that once, twice, or even thrice burned out members. We all (we being Josh & Ryan) decided to just ignore him and eventually the "Brad Overhyper 3000" would cool off and let us go back to work.

He didn't. He only got louder.

So loud in fact, that he contacted a friend of his, Destiny uber-fan DietColaFTW. He and Brad hatched a plan to smother Josh & Ryan in all the shiny goodness of what Destiny is, and what Destiny 2 could be. Well, either to do that or simply have DietColaFTW on an episode of the podcast to discuss Destiny 2. After much persuading, the date was set and above and below you'll find that show. Frankly, it's a really good show with a slew of information both on Destiny 2, as well as why members of our team departed the original game. 

Furthermore, it also serves as the return of co-host Justin, long thought lost inside a board game or perhaps a really large department store. Maybe he was just registered to the wrong email address.

So join us as we explore what Destiny 2 could be, what we want to see it become, and what it would take our team to come back!

Oh, we also became Twitch Affilliates and have sponsors on the podcast again.


So....sign off.