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Aug 31, 2018

Once upon a time Josh happened across a podcast that helped refocus his thoughts on podcasting. That show, The 1099 Podcast, featured friend of Constantly Calibrating Vanessa Marie of Gaming Access Weekly talking to Josiah Renaudin. At that moment Josh realized he needed to have both Vanessa and Josiah on podcasts at some point. Vanessa made her guest debut earlier this year, and finally as the summer closes out we were able to chat with Josiah Renaudin.

Josiah is an Associate Producer over at Tangent Games, as well as a former freelance journalist. Over the last few years he has taken The 1099 Podcast from semi-educational tool on breaking into games media and turned it into one of the best one on one guest shows there is online. 

On this week's Constantly Calibrating Podcast Josh talked to Josiah Renaudin about everything he does, and took a look at both of their journeys through the world of podcasting and games media.