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Oct 22, 2016

A new week begins as our brave team goes head to head with a new podcast. It's episode 198, which means we're quickly closing in on the fabled episode 200...which we can't seem to remember to promote. Lovely.

But fear not! It's not Halloween yet, which means we're hear to talk to you about news that has completely unfurled since the time of this podcast's recording. Yes, we're talking Red Dead Redemption 2, and also the Nintendo NX -- debuted as Nintendo Switch after recording -- oh, and also that voice actors strike that finally came to a head. Yeah, consider this the week of stories that prove we should record this show on Wednesday nights instead.

Alas, again this is life and we still put on a phenomenal show that you SHOULD listen to. our theories on what is now Red Dead Redemption 2 alone are something you should take in. Not to mention the fact that we have first thoughts from Justin on the PlayStation VR, and we brought in a full team plus one (that's FIVE people) for this episode.

So come watch, listen, and ingest this glowing podcast of GLORIOUS aural domination.