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Jun 26, 2015

This week, Josh was still spending time with this thing he calls 'actual family’, so the rest of the guys decided to launch into a preemptive talk on platformers before their interview with Yacht Club Gaming in 2 weeks!

The focus was on the evolution of the platforming genre over the years, and the progression of its traits, as well as stylistic choices over the years. Brad and Justin argued over whether Battletoads counted as a platformer, and Brian brought up StarTropics yet again (he’s starting to sound like Justin with Metal Gear). They all take a deeper look at the current state of platformers and their ability to blend and work with other play styles and stories, and remarked how the independent sector of gaming has really pushed this genre forward.

What is your favorite platformer? What makes it your favorite?

Let us know as you give a listen to this week's Constantly Calibrating!