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Jun 2, 2017

The time of Phoenix Comicon 2017 and possibly Phoenix Comicon as a whole has come to an end. OK, the last part is a bit of hyperbole, but after all of the drama and controversies of the last few months collided in a fireball of heat and even more controversies, it's hard not to think that for a moment. No, Phoenix Comicon will continue on, but perhaps this year will be the change that brings it back to greatness again. Or it'll be just another wet fart on the roadmap that is convention season. Either way, Josh had a great time and more stories to tell you can possibly imagine! Seriously, no on could get him to shut his damn mouth, but the stories were pretty interesting and his takes quite hot (four days ago).

Join as the team covers Phoenix Comicon 2017, drawls on about the ridiculous nature of pyramid schemes multi-leveled marketing plans, wonders along with Brad's streaming setup plans, and bids a brief adieu to Justin as he departs for Kinda Funny Live 3.

All that and a bunch more on this week's fun-enforced episode of the Constantly Calibrating Podcast.