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Aug 25, 2017

This is a solemn week at the old Constantly Calibrating Factory, as the previous weekend we received word that Mass Effect was done for. The long-running series, soon to be celebrating a decade, was put out to pasture by Electronic Arts last weekend. This hit the team very hard, as Mass Effect is a large portion of why our company exists. On top of that, we really, really love Mass Effect Andromeda.

So join us in bidding farewell to a great video game series.

You know, even though it's not really dead and just being shelved for the time being...

On this week's show we're joined by Superblake to discuss the possible end of Mass Effect & definite end of Mass Effect Andromeda. There's some startling revelations, theories, and random shouting.

Additionally, Amazon is changing policies; Fortnite is "fun"; Destiny 2 is on the horizon; and Josh took his clothes off on camera...wait, what? What's going on here now?

Listen to this week's episode and find out!