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Feb 20, 2013

Episode 36 of ConCal is something I've been waiting for, for nearly two weeks now. Who knew it would also end up being my first solo gig! Due to some horrendous scheduling-related issues, Steven was not able to join on this episode -- Brad has kids/family that apparently is more important or something -- which left me in the position of doing a full podcast À la carte (which I know I'm using completely inaccurately).

What came out was a highly enjoyable chat with a truly interesting individual/geek. Honestly this is probably my favorite interview to date, which is saying something since I made the same claim just 5 hours earlier after talking to Rooster Teeth's Monty Oum.

Kristen was an absolute delight to chat with, and I can only hope that we have her on again sometime in the not too distant future.

To find out more about The Geekie Awards or their Epic Cosplay Contest, check the link dump! (Do it!)