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Jun 9, 2017

E3 is upon us. Starting this coming weekend the gaming industry will sweep over Los Angeles like a plague; those left in its wake will be either destroyed or majority investors in an up-and-coming indie game on Kickstarter. But never fear! As our team of Brad & Josh are joined by the magnificent; the wonderful; the hero from somewhere in Texas or Twitch or wherever; that's right, we're talking about Superblake! The man known as Superblake has come to our aid in our time of need to figure out what may arise starting on Saturday.

But wait, there is oh so much more entertainment to be had, as Justin has returned from the land of Kinda Funny Live 3. That's right, the Lord of the Best Friends, Greg Miller, has returned Justin to our world. Justin sat down with Josh to discuss his captivity and wonderment, alongside a healthy dose of Stockholm Syndrome. You can listen or watch that specifically at 42:30 or 34:00, respectively.

Well, it appears we've covered much of our tale of heroism, destruction, and hyperbole. Let us know your thoughts on this episode in the comments. Also, please join us this weekend & upcoming week on our Twitch Affiliated channel for live coverage of E3. More details below, or at the following location.